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Pick one of your favorite authors.

    I tend to have more favorite books than favorite authors but Jhumpa Lahiri is a writer whose writing I love unequivocally.

  1. What are some of your favorite books by this author?
    Jhumpa Lahiri is a relatively new writer and has only published a collection of short stories and one novel thus far. I like both so much that I just can’t pick a favorite between the two.

  2. Why do you like this author?
    I like Ms. Lahiri’s books because I love her writing. The narratives manage to be both simply written and incredibly lyrical. Her characters are drawn as complex, realistic figures and the evocative writing makes one feel their every emotion. I am really failing at finding the proper words to describe just how gifted a writer she is. I think the best I can say is go read the books. You’ll see.

  3. Have you read everything by this author? Why or why not?
    As I answered in the first question, I have read both her books. She also publishes some short stories in magazines like the New Yorker and in multi-author collected works of short fiction. Really, I try to read everything of hers that I can get my hands on.

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    Blogger Philippa said...

    Wow, praise indeed. I will greatly look forward to reading some Lahiri when I can find her books. Thank you for sharing!

    5:09 AM  

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