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Perhaps I was overly ambitious (as usual, those who know me would chorus) but I blame the odd frame of mind that sets in whenever I plan projects. Somehow, when I sit down with a pattern and a deadline, all known knowledge of work and life obligations melt way and I plan everything as if I live in that wonderful fantasyland where free time is limitless. So, as much as it galls me to admit it, Mom’s vest is not going to be finished anywhere close to her birthday at the beginning of next month. Unfortunately, five repeats of the back does not a finished garment make (the sharp-eyed reader will notice those repeats as the background for the A Sweet Quartet photo in the last post…knowing that the book is only ten inches tall, you can see how pathetically little of the vest I have managed to knit). So sort of learning my lesson (this time) and being slightly more realistic as a result, Mother’s Day is my new deadline. Despite the annoyance of being reminded, yet again, that time does not bend to my desires, I am relieved that I will not be trying to rush it out by the end of the month. Working on the vest had become a chore and was no longer enjoyable. This may sound silly but I don’t want to be making a gift for a loved one in that mindset. Not that I believe the knitting will somehow be imbued with resentment and that Mom will instantly suffer ill effects when she puts it on. I just think if one were to take the time and trouble to hand make gifts, they should be done in a, well, more generous and happy frame of mind. It is hardly a good thing to suddenly notice that in all thoughts in reference to the project, the project name had been replaced by “the albatross”…
Despite the lifting of my self-imposed vest knitting exclusivity, the past few days have been hectic enough to ensure that no amount of knitting (or crafting) can possibly take place. Sadly, the next couple of days look to be much the same. So, in lieu of pictures of my works-in-progress, here are some much more inspirational images from my new books. I certainly will be looking at these and dreaming.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
(incidentally, does anyone know what the brands of the yarn used in the Japanese glove book are? The fiber of the entrelac scarf and the gloves are the cover of the books are gorgeous...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, the yarn in question for the scarf and mittens are "Soft Conscious" of Japanese brand "Hamanaka". The yarn is 83% merino wool and 17% baby alpaca, call for 4mm needles. I am not sure if it is accessible outside Japan. If you want more infos about them, please drop me a line.
Happy Knitting!


5:23 AM  
Blogger Philippa said...

What beautiful pictures! You've set me dreaming too...

It seems a good plan to extend the vest deadline. Not only will you be happier with the final gift but you'll be less likely to make mistakes, too, and therefore have more time for your other crafting plans.

Attempting to warp the project-time continuum is something I think most knitters are guilty of; sometimes with incredible results (cf the Knitting Olympics). Don't beat yourself up about it ;)

7:48 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

I love the gloves. Ambitious. I love the little felted man and woman? Nun and mOnk? beside the gloves. What are they about? Di you make them????

3:09 PM  

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