Purveyors of Cute

Crafting blog, just a code word for cuteness pusher?
Oh cuteness, that oh-so-hard to define quality that we (or at least, I) seem to be hardwired to go all wobbly and gushy over… Perhaps my particular response threshold is just set much lower than that of others. In any case, the further I venture into crafting blogland, the more I see and the more I covet. Just look at this...and this...and this! It’s enough to make one want to quite work and devote life to sewing up small stuffed creatures. There are even ready-made items of cuteness out there to tide one over if there isn’t time to whip up something oneself. Speaking of which, look what arrived in the mail today! (I know, I’m weak…)

Yes, that’s a cat and a hedgehog…each with their own pull-toy, no less! And they are practical too. Little clips that don’t mangle the cards they can hold. (Am I rationalizing? Yes, I’m rationalizing)
And there's also this

Wait, it’s so much more than a wooden mushroom with a bird clip on top!

The little guy inside holds paper clips. Is your cuteness quotient over-loaded yet?
All three came from loloko. They and lots of their friends can be found on the site…go look!
And least you think there have been no knitterly activities going on (since this is a knitting blog), let me reassure you that there have! Lots of purple cabling. Up to four repeats now. No photos though since the knitting looks exactly like all the other pictures of it I have posted, only slightly longer. It’s not quite a black hole of knitting a la Yarn Harlot but boy, has it been boring and slow.


Blogger Philippa said...

Yup, you're in trouble. The cuteness has got you. This one look set to run and run. ;)

5:22 AM  

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