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Being in a frantic tizzy before leaving for Portland meant that I barely had time to snap a few photos of my SP8 package before I had to run off. So, here is finally a post devoted to wonderful package and properly thanking my SP.
She sent a lovely color-coordinated box of goodies...everything in beautiful shades of blue for June. I've already give you a peek at the absolutely gorgeous needle roll she made me but here it is again in its full glory.

Everything about the roll, the scrolling dragons and flower motif, the gloriously silky interior, the black-ribbon tie capped with beads, the flawless construction (I'm in awe of my SP's ability to sew such slippery fabrics perfectly), radiates beauty and elegance. I keep feeling like I should be carrying it to a soiree instead of using it as a home for my needles.
Besides the needle roll, there were two skeins of Cascade 220, one in a lovely heathery blue-teal and the other in a yummy soft blue.

And, tucked away inside the package were also two sets of needles. One is a set of ever handy Clover bamboo DPNs. The other is a super fun pair of transparent single points with a spiral of white set down the center...like those forever twirling outdoor decorative ornaments. I think they are the perfect size too for the scarf I plan to make for Mom from the Blue Moon boucle. Here's a shot of everything.

I'm certainly one lucky girl. Thank you, SP!


Blogger Philippa said...

I too am in awe of that needle roll. You are lucky indeed!

I don't really understand SP: is it really secret, or eventually do you find out who's been sending you such lovely gifts?

4:46 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

lucky duck. my only SP thing, the one skein, is still MIA. grrr. has yours shown up?

12:49 AM  

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