Backtack dilemma

I joined Backtack III and since the match-ups went out a few weeks ago, I have been obsessively sketching designs and trolling fabric stores, online and off, for the perfect fabrics. This time, instead of bags and pouches, the Backtack theme is a stuffie! This is quite perfect in my opinion since I obsessively collect really like them and really enjoy making them as well. Better yet, the amount of sewing involved is easily attainable in terms of hand-sewing for sewing machine-less me. The Backtack stuffie-making comes with a few recommended patterns and some stipulations as well. One of the rules is that the stuffie has to be black and white with only one other color comprising less than 20% of the piece. Well, I think I have the black and white fabrics pretty well covered now...

...but I’m still dithering over the one colored fabric I'm allowed. In the design I have in mind, this fabric will be in appliqued bits on the stuffie. So herein lies my dilemma: what color should I use?

Bright red wool---or---darker/deep-red linen?

Orange red wool---or---Plum corduroy?

Lilac um…something slightly glittery? (It’s actually a bit less pink than the photo would indicate).

I keep leaning towards the reds since they seem to pop better against the black and white but I rather like the other colors too. The lilac in particular has an interesting texture that might work well with the design I have in mind but it’s rather pastelish and I think the recipient would prefer the bolder hues. Hmm. Suggestions? Opinions?
And while I ponder over the fabric choices, I’ve been working on a surprise stuffie for the BF’s birthday.

Can you guess what it is?
Oh, one more thing related to sewing...an almost finished bird bag for the April Sew?-I-Knit bag-sew-along.

You can see more pictures here, though you may have scroll down a bit. Hopefully, I have a new Spring purse by the end of the week!


Blogger Sarah said...

Your bird bag is super-cute. And if the opinions of total strangers who stumbled onto your blog from knitty mean anything to you, I like the dark red linen.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Areli said...

Your bird bag is really cute, it's so different than what you usually see. I think I like the dark red linen, too.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Philippa said...

Oh, gosh. The bird bag is beautiful.

1:02 PM  

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