Post of gratuitous cuteness, now with hat and mittens!

(Or, spicing up ordinary FO’s)

Look what just sprouted!

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More hamming for the camera

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Uh oh, he’s a wee bit attached.

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Yes indeed, I’m easily amused, but he’s just the perfect size and shape to model a toddler’s hat. How could I resist? Just to show that I don’t spend all my time making posed shots with stuffed animals, here are the mittens, sans owl.

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Hat and mittens for I’s one-year-old niece, in plenty of time for next winter!

FO details:

Hat – generic ribbed hat to leaves, Ann Norling kid’s fruit cap for leaves and stem
Mittens – improvised with help from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, by Ann Budd; freehand embroidery with green yarn

Knit Picks Swish Superwash, MC wisteria, CC dublin, approximately 1.5 skein MC for hat and mittens, teeny amount of CC

Brittany DPNs US 6/4.0mm

Teeny tiny thumbs – not so much fun to knit on long DPNs, but otherwise, both hat and mittens made for satisfying small projects. I’m rather impressed at how well the KP Swish stood up to ripping and reknitting despite how soft the yarn feels. No pills or loose fibers after much wrangling of the yarn. It is a tad splitty so I had some trouble with catching the odd strand out of place but if you pay attention, it’s not so bad at all, especially given the low cost of the yarn.


Blogger Maud said...

Super cuteness! And the hat and mnittens looks great!

4:35 AM  
Anonymous nova said...

Very cute M. The stiching on the mittens look great to. I am horrible with embroidery, so I am always impressed when others have this particular skill. I am sure they will be loved winter wear!

6:04 AM  
Anonymous le chat qui coud said...

wath a cute presentation!!!! very cute!!!!

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Nora said...

Love the embroidered mittens. And isn't amazing how such a cute face resulted from 2 circles and a couple of lines?

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Knittypants said...

Oh, those turned out so cute! And I love your pictures, too.

I like the purple mittens with the embroidery, what a great idea. And thanks for the review on Swish. I want to make the kids fall cardigans and I was thinking of using Swish, so it's good to hear it holds up well.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Ooh, I'm loving the gratuitous cuteness! That's an adorable hat and mitten set.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Chrissy said...

Oh my God! That is far to cute!

7:08 AM  
Blogger Philippa said...

Oh how lovely! I particularly like the embroidery on the mittens :) You are clever!

6:16 AM  
Blogger hege said...

That is so adorable :) Beautiful set!

1:23 PM  

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