This could be addictive

I’m an absent-minded person. I pick things up as I need them and set them down again with no recollection of the location (or much else, really). As a consequence, I frequently misplace things. More often than not, I find my cell phone next to the sink and my reading in the closet and my glasses on an array of ever-changing surfaces throughout the apartment. However, except for the time eaten up by a search for that one missing item (though I prefer to think of it as a renewed exploration of my home and possessions), my tendency to temporarily lose things has never been much of a problem. That is, until I started sewing again. Sewing, unfortunately, involves the use of many small, pointy metal objects. After shaking out my bedding and crawling around on my floor for the umpteenth time to hunt for my sewing needle and a number of pins, I finally acknowledged the need for a designated place to set these little hazards. So, some fussing with batting, fiberfill, and two squares of fabric and I had myself a pincushion.

Not only is it just as plump and squeezable as it looks, it is actually handy too, as long as I keep it nearby while I sew. (I at least seem capable of absentmindedly placing things in one spot as long as there is a set home for them. Go figure.) Really, my new pincushion just about glows with practicality and squishy wonderfulness except one tiny fly in the soup:

why didn’t anyone warn me that one innocent little pincushion…

can leads to a whole clutch?

(Note the green for this month's Project Spectrum)
But I think that's enough for pin holding.

Well, just one more.



Blogger Philippa said...

I would've done, if you'd asked me - seeing as I've been reading your blog for a little while ;)

The little pale blue one with the tiny flower on the top is the nicest pincushion I've seen in ages. Although I can't wait to see the 'etc etc etc' fabric made up.

How clever you are.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Great job! They do become a necessity don't they? Must have a go at this too!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous francoise said...

Great pin cushions! Now that you seem "organised", I wish you many hours of Happy Sewing!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

wow! how did you make so many pincushions so fast? I'll stop bugging you to get a sewing machine, you clearly don't need one.

10:01 PM  

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