Magic shapes

I used to think of knitting as more magic than mechanistics. Before I started knitting, I held in awe the whirl of mysterious motions knitters performed to yield an intricately woven item of clothing. Even when I first started knitting, the mere creation of a stitch from three little motions was like a minor miracle. It hardly seemed possible that an entire sturdy fabric could be made from these little twists and loops. I would nervously follow pattern directions and watch with amazement as something actually resembling the expected product grew from the needles. It was only after I started generating yards of such fabric from those simple repetitions of motion that the process of knitting began to seem intuitive and obvious. Not magic after all but just some very clever interlacing of threads.
Now that I finished the heel of my first sock though, I think I’ve returned to regarding knitting as magic. I’m sure that as long as there have been first-time sock knitters and the turning of heels, there has been that moment of absolute amazement when a heel is created for the very first time. I certainly had such a moment. After much fretting as I followed the short-row directions that the stitch number was not symmetrical on the turns, then much skepticism as to what these stitches would do, I finished the section and saw that the knitting was now miraculously curved.
Really, it’s like magic!
I was so enthralled with the new shape that I kept on knitting. Some twenty odd rows later, Pomatomus had a completed heel!

Let’s all admire that shaping again, shall we?

I think I'm now officially addicted to socks knitting.


Blogger Rachel said...

oooh magical

11:09 AM  
Blogger Areli said...

This post made me smile. Knitting is magical, I still think stockinette is the most lovely thing. :-)

8:43 PM  
Anonymous yuki said...

Aren't they just so much fun to knit? I feel that the heel shaping is the true source of my sock knitting addiction. When I start a sock, I'm eager to get to the heel, so the leg portion goes quickly; after I'm beyond it, I knit eagerly to the end as I feel the sock is almost done. Hope you have a complete pair soon!

11:12 PM  

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