Balm for all ills

In all my happy anticipation of autumn, I forgot the one downside of the transition into fall here: the sudden unexpected drops in temperatures during seemingly warm days. Apparently my immune system was caught off guard as well since Saturday morning found me achy and congested with a dully-throbbing head and feel thoroughly sorry for myself. After desperately trying and failing to sleep through my upstairs neighbor's excessive excitement over the start of the college football season, I was miserable. There wasn't much to do except lay there and wait for the ibuprofen to kick in.
And then the post delivery person rang my doorbell.
There's nothing like a special package from one's secret pal to turn a horrible day around. (And certainly worth every bit of the embarrassment in rushing to my front door disheveled and in my pajamas.) For the past three month, Jessica has been my secret pal and responsible for all the goodies arriving on my doorstep. Here are the wonderful goodies that she sent me this time.

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Yarn in gorgeous warm shades of persimmon and pink and peach, beautiful orange ribbon, and yummy starbursts...

Here is a close-up of the beautiful fiber (I'm especially in love with the persimmon colored Classic Elite Princess skeins)

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All this was enough to make me ecstatically happy but there was even more in the box! Vogue magazines...Vogue Knitting and Knit 1, three chocolate bars, and two sizable pieces of lovely fabric.

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The sailboats are absolutely adorable and the purple will fit right into my next quilting endeavor. The magazines made the rest of my day in bed much more bearable. Instead of sulking and thinking murderous thoughts about my noisy neighbor, I dreamed of future knitting projects. Have you seen the Nancy Bush Traveler's socks? And the elegant grey alpaca cabled sweater? And that dainty Fair Isle number? And the...
Suffice it to say, I'm incredibly grateful to my secret pal.

Thank you, Jessica!


Blogger hege said...

Those sweaters in Vogue Knitting might be perfect for your interest in cables without being bulky. :) I love the one in the two grays with the intertwined cable.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear the box brightened your day! hope you are feeling normal again! :)

11:45 AM  

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