Behold the Pinecone


There’s not much I can say about the Koolhaas that has not been said already. Twice. Like almost everyone else, I found the hat to be extremely enjoyable knitting. It’s satisfyingly fiddly to precisely the right degree – just enough to engage the brain but not so much as to require complete concentration. Perfect for me since the majority of my brain cells are currently mired in pondering thesis writing (six years of doctoral work and it all boils down to what I churn out on my laptop in the next month. Fun.). The Pinecone was just right for bouts of stress-induced knitting. Working with merino wool so soft that it would give cashmere a run for its money helped too.
The Pinecone will need a bath with some vinegar before real wearing since the yarn dyed my needles a rosy pink but otherwise, it is everything one would want a hat to be. Soft, wooly, and warm. With a nifty texture to boot!


Project Details:

Koolhaas Hat, by Jared Flood; Interweave Knits Gifts, Winter 2007

Handpaintedyarns.com natural dyed two-ply worsted weight merino in Cognac (I think this was in their odd and ends section)

4.5mm/US 7 DPNs


Blogger Susan said...

Love the colour and texture. Very nice indeed. Good luck with the thesis. It's good to have a diversion. My problem at uni was I always had too many diversions!!

1:54 AM  
Blogger cyndy said...

The Koolhas is lovely!

...and what a fantastic photo of the stitch pattern! Perfect!

4:23 AM  
Blogger allisonmariecat said...

Oooooooh, gorgeous!

Happy thoughts on your thesis. That's never fun, but hang in there.

6:47 AM  
Blogger nova said...

I love your pinecone/Koolhaas! I already knit the pattern once; but, I think I have the urge to knit it again. It's such a great pattern. I think it looks great in Cognac. Good luck with the dissertation writing. You can do it!

6:27 AM  

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