No nupps yet…

Just more packing procrastination.
Think this will be enough to keep me occupied on the plane?

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Whether it’s because of the imminent trip (Wool! Fiancé! Wool!) or the fact that I’m finally feeling better after days of being “off,” I’m positively giddy today. Not even the thought of the many sleepless airport/plane hours ahead has been able to make me feel anything besides bright and bubbly. I blame that same giddiness for going a little crazy at the bookstore today. Somber literary novel, intriguing mystery, mindless romantic fluff, and a knitting magazine*, all in one trip! All this and trying to figure out how one would wind yarn with one’s knees (Alison and Janet, please enlighten me!)…should be sufficient to keep my brain busy for twelve hours!

*For those of you thwarted in your attempts to purchase the Holiday Vogue Knitting at your LYS like I was (all copies sold out within a day of being available!), try Borders. Quite a bit less competition. Oh, and the issue? Definitely worth owning, if only to admire and think covetous thoughts about the blue-lilac cables and white lace.


Blogger Areli said...

I love the new Vogue, too. Just picked mine up yesterday, their last few issues have been really good, I think :-)

8:50 AM  
Blogger allisonmariecat said...

Have a fantastic trip! I think that looks like a good amount of entertainment for the plane. Something for all moods.

I just bend up my knees and drape the hank over, then push my knees out to hold the hank in place. As I wind, I contract my ab muscles and move in a slight circle for a nice isometric workout :)

12:03 PM  
Blogger chittavrtti said...

Hey Marie :),

NB's new book is due out next year. I beieve it will be variations of Estonian lace, shawls and scarves. She was making one in a misty green colourway. I have the distinct impression that green is a favorite of hers color:)***CV

8:33 PM  
Anonymous le chat qui coud said...

come back to us asap!!!!!
i miss you Marie!!!!

10:41 PM  

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