Illustration Friday: Snap

It's a horrid little noise...

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(pen/colored pencil)

Draw along! Join in here.

ETA: No actual trauma, physical or emotional, was inflicted on either needle or knitter during the making of this drawing. (Though heaven knows I've broken my share of DPNs in many a creative fashion in the past year...)



Much better.

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Not a red-letter day

Unless you are going for the annals of dumb, dumb, dumb moments.
This is exactly why I should never start projects on a whim late at night and low on sleep and then continue knitting blithely on without ever looking back at the pattern.
The directions? K1MC, P1MC, K1MC, P1CC, repeat round and round, essentially 3x1 corrugated ribbing. Simple enough, no?

Apparently not.

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Yeah. And even more pathetically, my forehead-smacking moment of realization did not come until row 14.
And so we are now back to this.

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Dumb, dumb, dumb.
(Though perhaps this is for the best -- my first attempts at two color-knitting is the very epitome of ugly unevenness...)

It must really be Spring

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Mild rain showers, balmy temperatures, blooming hyacinths...yup, Spring.

I've adjusted my plans accordingly.

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Sort of.
(Them's Springy colors, no?)


Illustration Friday: I Spy*...

with my little eye...

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Have you spied me?

*If you feel like doodling to the theme, join in on the fun here!


A series of halves

Thank you all for the helpful and nice comments about my new banner! I agree, it is a bit too wide vertically but I’m at a bit of a loss for how to make it narrower without simultaneously shortening the image length-wise. So, after trimmed and tweaked off a bit more width, I’m going to call it good until I can think of a solution.
In the mean time, here are my two weeks of halves.
It all started off well enough. While Occam the Laptop was off for repairs, I finished half of Veste Everest, intended as a gift for my mother on the event of her 60th birthday Mother’s Day 2006 Christmas 2006 her 61st birthday Mother’s Day 2007, though I may have jinxed myself again right there.

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I also finished half of a toddler mitten pair, sans embroidery as of yet, well on track to be in time for the one-year birthday of I’s niece

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That was week one. Week one was good. And then the Knitting and Electronics gods decided that life should always be filled with a little…you know. Builds characters, and all that.
So, in week 2, the rather more important half of my pair of arms went haywire when my long ago pinched ulnar nerve decided to announce itself by rendering me unable to keep my right elbow bent for any length of time without numb fingers and general unhappiness of the forearm.

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Enter lots of Ibuprofen and exit knitting.
Exit too the hope of a working laptop when Occam came home only half repaired. The trivial but expensive half of the repairs was done (new CD/DVD drive) while the crucial but not as expensive repair (new hard-drive) was deemed unnecessary (though of course I was amply charged for the process of deeming said repair unnecessary -- wiping the drive and reintalling the OS). As I soon discovered, the crucial repair was necessary after all (and perhaps not even sufficient to fix all the problems) as poor Occam went from normal to hobbling to this in a few days.

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I’m happy to say that this week is going a little better (knock on wood…could the good/bad weeks be following some sort of sinusoidal wave?). I’m starting to get more use out of my arm, enough to do short bursts of knitting, as I did in those silly effects pictures last post. I may also be able to get most of my repair dollars refunded. And, there’s this (thank goodness for fellowship funding).
Meet Sirius*.

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I'm quite besotted.

*Not after Sirius Black, fond as I am of the character, but after Sirius the Dog Star from Dogsbody, a favorite book I wax poetic about whenever given the chance, written by the incomparable Diana Wynne Jones and if you haven’t read it, then by by God why are you not off right this instant hunting down a copy to start?



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knit, knit, knit, knit
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Almost free of hinderances (computers and my right arm all hate me) but for want of a USB cable...more to follow soon...

P.S. What do you all think of the new banner on the header? Too big? Too distracting? Takes too long to load? And while I'm asking, does anyone know how to keep it linked to the main blog page (i.e. when you are only looking at one post, you can click on the header to return to the main page)?


Temporarily hindered

After three year of steady service through multiple little knocks and bangs and two falls, my little laptop is finally giving up the ghost. Poor Occum the laptop seemed to recover itself over the weekend after some rather frightening glitches last week (have you backed up your computer files lately?) but today, after I regained enough faith in it to try posting, the problems have come back. So, this post is being written on the little machine's last gasp. Tomorrow, Occum will be going to the shop for some new innards. Of course, this sadly means no laptop and no posting for the next few days (though, thank goodness for work computers, there will still be blog reading). In the mean time, I hope my new stash enhancement provides you with some yummy eye candy.
Really, there's no better salve for the wearied soul (or for the soul just feeling meh) than the heady scent of wool, oh so faintly laced with tangy notes of vinegar. Just a passing whiff of this smell brings the words "beautiful" and "hand-painted" and "wool" into the forefront of my mind. It's even better when that whiff is accompanied by the sight of this:

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I splurged a little two weeks ago at Briar Rose Fibers. I've been in love with their hand-dyed yarns ever since I encountered it at Rhinebeck (when a skein of Sea Pearl just had to come home with me). The wonderful color palette of the yarns, where deep plums shade into blues and olives and rich reds transition into a brilliant orange, has caused me to spend more time than I would like to admit browsing again and again through the online shop. But, let's not dwell on my obsessive yarn-stalking behaviors... Here are the delicious smelling skeins (and for the second photo, please imagine a vibrant red in place of the insipid, washed out vermillion that my computer insisted on showing in direct conflit to what appears on the camera).

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Respectively from the top, Collette (wool/mohair), Grandma's Blessings (superwash wool), and Earthsong (wool/alpaca), the latter skein being in two pictures because the colors are just so pretty. It's all I can do keeping myself from throw all the current projects in the corner and casting on these skeins...